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We are an Apologetics and a Discipleship Ministry Focusing on Arabic Speaking Millennials

We are an Apologetics and a Discipleship Ministry Focusing on Arabic-Speaking Millennials

The Unique Spiritual Needs of Arab Millennials

There is no question that Arabic-speaking millennials have unique spiritual needs. Their world is becoming increasingly polarized. On one side, secularism and materialism are taking hold. On the other side, religious extremism is on the rise. In this environment, it's more important than ever for Arabic-speaking millennials to have access to quality spiritual content...

The Double Puzzle: Reaching Millennials with Apologetics and Media

The Arab world is going through a digital transformation. A new generation is rising up that is native to the internet and social media. They are the Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z...

The Mission of Remission

When I founded Remission, I had no idea how or if God would use it to touch the lives of Arabic-speaking millennials in the Middle East and North Africa. The first year (or two) was nerve-wracking. But God made good on his word, as he always does, and the ministry today is growing rapidly. We're reaching more people with the Gospel than ever before, and it's all because of God's work in and through us...

We've Reached...

1.5 Million

People Reached over Social Media

+15 Countries

Reached Through Social Media Platforms

Over 2 Million

Engagements Over Social Media

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Partner Endorsement

"Remission is a dynamic ministry with a fresh vision to communicate the gospel clearly in the Middle East. They are a committed and gifted team passionate for sharing the truth. We are delighted to encourage and support this work"


Open House Trust

"I'm thrilled to recommend Remission Ministries as a dependable and quality ministry organization. We've witnessed their sheer enthusiasm and dedication in providing spiritual resources to individuals and churches across the Middle East and North Africa. "


Myrtlefield Trust

"I am proud to say that our partnership has been outstanding – we're inspired by what Remission is doing for people's lives every day! I can confidently endorse them as a trusted and a reliable ministry"


Mergon Foundation

"We only partner with people we can trust, that we know personally, and we see the fruit of their labour. And so, I want to recommend Kais and Remission Ministries to you. They are serving the Middle East and they are partners that you can trust. They are preaching and teaching God's word with integrity to the text and they can make a real difference. For us at Living On The Edge, they are our partners and we are sure that they are!"


Living On The Edge Ministries


Why do we focus on millennials?

We believe that Arabic speaking millennials are perhaps among the most strategic demographics to reach for the gospel. Here is why:


in population

There are more than 160 million arabic-speaking millennials in the world today. Population wise, they would make the 10th largest country in the world!


of all millennials in the world

Arabic speaking millennials comprise 15% of all millennials in the world. They belong to the most unreached people groups in the world.


of all Arabic speaking peoples

Millennials in arabic speaking countries comprise 40% of the total population of those countries. Making them arguably the most impactful generation in the history of the region.


economically and politically

Millennials in the North African and Middle Eastern countries proved in the past 10 years to be capable of immense feats both in the business world and the political sphere. They are an extremely influential demographic.

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