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Join Remission and make a real impact for the hopelessly unreached. Your passionate prayers and generous giving fuel our mission to spread the message of Christ, bringing hope and life to those in need. Join us and leave a lasting legacy of faith by making a monthly donation today.

From Our Partners


"Remission is a dynamic ministry with a fresh vision to communicate the gospel clearly in the Middle East. They are a committed and gifted team passionate for sharing the truth. We are delighted to encourage and support this work"


Open House Trust

"I'm thrilled to recommend Remission Ministries as a dependable and quality ministry organization. We've witnessed their sheer enthusiasm and dedication in providing spiritual resources to individuals and churches across the Middle East and North Africa. "


Myrtlefield Trust

"I am proud to say that our partnership has been outstanding – we're inspired by what Remission is doing for people's lives every day! I can confidently endorse them as a trusted and a reliable ministry"


Mergon Foundation

"We only partner with people we can trust, that we know personally, and we see the fruit of their labour. And so, I want to recommend Kais and Remission Ministries to you. They are serving the Middle East and they are partners that you can trust. They are preaching and teaching God's word with integrity to the text and they can make a real difference. For us at Living On The Edge, they are our partners and we are sure that they are!"


Living On The Edge Ministries


Message from our CEO

As you read this, there's an unprecedented spiritual awakening taking place amongst the millennials in the Middle East and North Africa. But this journey is not an easy one - it is a path fraught with challenges, isolation, and at times, a feeling of despair. That's where Remission Ministries comes in. We are here to extend our hand, and walk with them on this path, nurturing their faith, and offering a compassionate community where they are welcomed, understood, and loved.

Yet, our mission's success depends heavily on the generosity and kindness of individuals like you. We are writing to you today to humbly ask for your support in this noble mission. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of thousands of millennials seeking spiritual guidance, comfort, and a sense of belonging.

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