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AP7 Media

AP7 Media's mission is to share the Gospel with Arabic-speaking millennials. Our online platform offers theology, apologetics, and discipleship material with intellectual rigor and cultural relevance on Social Media. Make a real impact and help us defend the Christian faith with excellence.

We produce:

  1. Web Shows
  2. Podcasts
  3. Articles and Blog Posts

Pray for our community of millennial viewers for them to experience the power of Jesus. We're growing fast and reaching more people than ever before. Would you prayerfully consider joining the list of our monthly givers?

Istinara Academy

Our mission at Istinara is to bring spiritual enlightenment to the minds and hearts of millennials in the Levant region, who are the future leaders of the Levant Church. Our training, coaching, and mentoring program is specifically designed for this purpose.

Enrolled individuals will receive comprehensive training on proper Bible interpretation, sound Christian doctrine, effective ministry mindset, Christian character, and spiritual disciplines. Our goal is to work deeply with a small group of millennials, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to become effective Christian leaders, poised to make a positive impact in their communities.

By supporting our program, you'll be investing in the future of the Levant Church and helping to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders. Join us on this journey of enlightenment and impact.

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The Worship Project

Song has a rich history in the Church, used for worship and instruction, and we aim to continue this tradition by producing high-quality worship music.

Our goal is to create a space where worshippers in our community can produce well-constructed and high-quality worship content, making it accessible through Remission's digital media channels. This content will serve as a vital part of a Christian's life, both in private moments with the Lord and in fellowship with other believers.

By supporting our initiative, you'll be investing in the power of worship music to bring people closer to God and strengthen their faith. Join us on this exciting journey and learn more about our plans to make worship music available to Arabic-speaking millennials.


The Programs

AP7 Media

AP7 Media is an online social media platform that broadcasts theology, apologetics and discipleship material. We broadcasted our content over Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. All content broadcasted through AP7 Media aims to explain and defend the Christian faith to Arabic speaking millennials with intellectual rigor and cultural relevance. We Produce:

  1. Webshows
  2. Podcasts
  3. Articles and Blog Posts

Our programs are resonating with a growing millennial audience, and it is serving as the platform from which we will direct our viewers to our other programs.

Istinara Academy

The Arabic word ‘Istinara’ means ‘enlightenment’ matching the vision for this program, to induce a spiritual enlightenment in the minds and hearts of millennials in the Levant region, the future leaders of the Levant Church. Istinara is a training, coaching and mentoring program for millennials. Individuals enrolled in this program will be trained on:

  1. Proper Bible Interpretation
  2. Sound Christian Doctrine
  3. Mindset for Effective Ministry
  4. Christian Character Spiritual Disciplines

The vision for this program is to work deeply with a small group of millennials and prepare them for Christian leadership and impactful action.

The Worship Project

Song was historically used by the Church for worship and for instruction. We want to carry out this tradition today and produce high-quality worship music and make them available on our social media platforms for Arab millennials.

We are working on creating a space where worshippers in our community can produce well constructed and high quality worship content for the purpose of making it available for Arabic speaking millennials. This content will be made accessible through remission’s digital media channels and aims to provide worship content as a vital part of a christian’s life for their own private time with the Lord as well as in fellowship services with other believers.

Our programs are tailor made for maximum impact for the presentation and defense of the Christian Faith.

We're dedicated to creating superb content that combines theological and biblical integrity, clarity of thought, cultural relevance, and strong appeal. Each of our programs is tailor-designed with the goal of drawing people closer to God and inspiring them to live out their faith. By supporting our mission, you'll be investing in your legacy as a Christian, trusting God to reach the lost and the most unreached. The quality content we produce reaches millennials where they are and makes an eternal difference in their life.

Strategic Pillars


Supporting millennials in their journey of soul-growth, by training, coaching and thoughtful content. 


Approaching the questions of the millennial generation with a fresh insight and a historic anchor in ancient Christian wisdom.

Bible Engagement

Helping millennials connect with God’s written word and empower them for a real transformative encounter with the truth therein.


Multiply the reach of our messages and teaching by the creative utelization of audio and video production and the distribution power of social media.

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